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Subscribed for Context Menu Opening, Context Menu Closing provided by the Context Menu.But on the right click Context Menu Opening are not triggered.Semantics is the science of meaning; in this case, used to assign roles, states, and properties that apply to user interface and content elements as a human would understand.For instance, if a paragraph is semantically identified as such, assistive technologies can interact with it as a unit separable from the rest of the content, knowing the exact boundaries of that paragraph.Note that much of this could be formalized in [) to interact with content.Assistive technologies can transform the presentation of content into a format more suitable to the user, and can allow the user to interact in different ways.Let me know how to subscribe for the events provided by ...

In the winforms user control the text box property textbox. The content of the control is too long - 7000 characters - and I want a vertical scrollbar for the control. I have a Win Forms usercontrol (Zed Graph Control) hosted on a Windows Forms Host WPF control, placed in a nested Grid.

I'd like to add a some protection to my software to make it harder for crackers to pirate my software. Alright, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this for my rather unique case.

I have a fullscreen WPF application where controls are added to a Grid dynamically and the user is given ...

For example, the user may need to, or choose to, interact with a slider widget via arrow keys, instead of dragging and dropping with a mouse.

In order to accomplish this effectively, the software needs to understand the semantics of the content.

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