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The Urban Dance Camp presents every year a worldwide unique and amazing line up with dance legends, youtube stars and top international choreographers for studio-styles as well as streetdance styles.

At this point we are presenting you proudly some of the teachers of the past years, which taught already basic foundations or choreographies.

En este juego tienes que comer las bolitas esquivando a los fantasmas.

Solo podrás comerte a los fantasmas cuando te comas las bolas gigantes que hay en cada nivel.

Two patients remain alive with stable disease on hydroxyurea therapy, 12 and 54 months after initial diagnosis.

Chronic neutrophilic leukemia is a rare clinicopathologic entity that can be distinguished from chronic myelogenous leukemia, the recently described neutrophilic-chronic myelogenous leukemia, and myelodysplastic syndrome.

To watch the videos of these top artists, please click on the pictures of your selected teachers.

No patient had the Philadelphia chromosome or the BCR/ABL fusion gene.

None of the common cytogenetic abnormalities characteristic of myeloid disorders were detected.

Three patients eventually became refractory to hydroxyurea, manifesting progressive neutrophilia without blastic transformation.

Aggressive chemotherapy to control progressive leukocytosis resulted in death due to cytopenias in two of these patients.

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