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These qualifications were calculated to nourish a natural desire to be one day the representative of that magnificent power created by his father, from the prospective enjoyment of which his minority of birth alone seemed to debar him.Despite his ambition, there appears to have been in the youth that generous instinct of honour which inspires noble impulses where these do not clash with the more inviting prospects of self-interest.Joab himself is reluctant to press the matter, until Absalom, by setting fire to the crops of his kinsman, forces Joab to come to him with a view of seeking redress for the injury.Absalom turns the opportunity of this altercation with Joab to good account by pleading his own neglected and humiliated condition : I would rather die ignominiously, he argues, than have this rancour of the King against me all the days of my life. Restored to his former princely dignity and the apparent confidence of his father, Absalom now enters upon that course of secret plotting to which his ambition and his opportunity seemed to urge him, and which has stamped his name as a synonym of unnatural revolt.It was thus that Amnon found opportunity to wrong the innocence of his stepsister.Having injured the object of his passion, he forthwith begins to hate her, and sends from him the aggrieved maiden, who must be to him a constant reminder of his wrongdoing.

In this condition Absalom lives for two years, seeking all the while to regain through the instrumentality of Joab the favour of his father.Preparations had already been consummated for a simultaneous uprising of the secret adherents of Absalom in different parts of the country, and emissaries were ready to proclaim the new king.Achitophel, one of David's oldest counsellors, had joined the conspirators, and by his design a strong current was being directed against David.Probably the chronicler had also in mind that it was this gift of nature which became the occasion of Absalom's fatal death.To a pleasing exterior the youth Absalom joined a temperament which, whilst fond of display, was nevertheless reserved, bold, and thoughtful.

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