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Placing them in third place, the partners got a final score of 36 points.

The dancing duo didn't get to lift the famed glitterball trophey, as Joe Mc Fadden and his partner Katya Jones were crowned the winners after the tense Grand Final.

Its back door hung open, and when Heck shone his torch inside, he saw a bare metal floor covered with rags and bits of wire.

They moved round to the front, Gemma now on her phone to CAD, running a PNC check.

While she awaited a response, Heck tested the driver’s door.

It wasn’t locked, and opened on a cab filled with old food-wrappers, crumbs and empty pop tins.

With both ladies back on the market, will Paddy find someone to light their candles aka podiums for them?

Heck and Gemma sidled through the open gate, halting to examine the cut chain.

In the light of Heck’s torch, it had been recently and cleanly sliced.

This experience is going to stay with me forever, its just been incredible''I'm quite in shock! 'You have absolutely graduated from being a beginner, you looked with that fierce face, you lifted that leg.

You weren't scared, you gave it one thousand per cent! You were out there, erotic, sultry, and the quickstep itself was technically stunning.'They were awarded an impressive 38 points, leaving the dancers chanting Gemma's name in amazement.

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