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This was done without your knowledge and your name is not on the mortgage. Whatever your spouse does financially while you’re married, you’re responsible for it too. At least it does if your spouse has bad judgement or cheats on you financially. Should you help a spouse pay off debt even if you’re not legally responsible for it?I believe that’s a matter for the two of you to work out.Micah believes that he should be the person who primarily pays off his student loans.I’m not really sure how that works, since we combine our income but I suppose he doesn’t want me to feel responsible for them.If financial infidelity was involved, it may help rebuild trust to have the “guilty” partner pay back the debt and demonstrate financial responsibility.But it may better fit a couple’s priorities for their family to pay off the debt from their total income.

The couple may want to just put this all behind them and start over. It depends on when the debt was incurred and what has been done with it since.Second, you and/or your spouse may choose to refinance the loan (this could be a mortgage or it could be a student loan consolidation).After the marriage, if the one spouse takes out a mortgage but claims to be single on the application, the other spouse is not liable for the debt.The creditor knowingly gave credit to the other spouse under the assumption that they were not married.

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