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100 percent is the newest motocross and mountain bike goggle brand to hit the industry.They started back in the 1980’s as being a logo that represented “how much effort do you give” while riding.After many years of having this logo being represented on many riders out competing in the weekly races, the logo fell out of the industry and went silent for a while.

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We think they are just testing this market out with their new helmet release, but if the sales go well for them we expect them to release a full line in the next 1-2 years.

If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable, anti-fog, and overall bad ass goggle brand 100 percent is what you are looking for.

Or not having the nose guard and clear lens which would come without the nose guard and mirror lens.

Also the racecraft will come in at the top of the 100 percent food chain.

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  1. KIT står for kompetencer, interaktion og forståelse og navnet kult KIT henviser til projektets primære formål at bidrage til bedre sproglige kompetencer og en større kulturel forståelse mellem danskere og tyskere.